Generative Writing Workshop at StoryStudio this summer!

I am excited to teach a creative writing class this summer at StoryStudio! The course description is available here and also below.  

Writing is a serious kind of play—it requires experimentation, spontaneity, and an openness to try again. This four-week, all-levels class taught by acclaimed short story writer Sarah Kokernot will cover playful, generative writing techniques that will help you feel a renewed interest in your own work. We’ll borrow and steal from poetry, visual art, and our favorite writers. Such activities include:

  • Poetry Bath: We’ll bring in a few of our favorite books of poetry and incorporate lines into new or ongoing work.

  • Syntax Imitation: We’ll choose a paragraph from a work we admire and do our best to closely imitate its syntax.

  • Sentence Hopscotch: We’ll read through old magazines, pick sentences that intrigue us, then build a paragraph or scene around those sentences.  

Students will leave with stories in development or new material for an ongoing project, in addition to feedback from the instructor.

Be prepared to work on and share new material in class, give positive feedback to your peers, and complete short assignments at home.